Make Your Own Anime Character

I was researching the internet for quite a while to get some proper tutorials on how to make your own anime character.

As i don’t have much money to invest to draw my own anime character, i decided to use a free program called the gimp! You can download it here:

Gimp Free Download Make Your Own Anime Character Make Your Own Anime Character Download

The first gimp video i stumbled over when i was searching for make your own anime character tutorial: It’s a speed painting video which just caught my interest to start drawing. It’s more cartoon style but Marvel Comics always have been one of my favorites:

This video shows you how to draw on the computer and then colorize the entire anime artwork:

This one is just about drawing the lineup: I found that really helpful how they first setting the points and the start adjusting all the curves and round bits.

Here’s a good video on how to draw inside the program:



Make Your Own Anime Character Make Your Own Anime Character Make Your Own Anime Character Anime and Manga with The GIMP by tgfcoderHere’s a toroughly, step by step written tutorial on how to make your own anime character:

He’s a really good teacher and he explains it with a lot of passion and details. He explains one way of drawing an own anime character from the pencil lineart completely to finishing the colored anime drawing.

Step 1 – Line Art

Step 2 – Coloring

Step 3 – Finish Details



Here are some more links which might help you:

Draw anime using Gimp

Little Anime Girl

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How To Flip Fold A Tshirt

Fold Your Tshirt Fast Tshirt How To Flip Fold A Tshirt 2215022263 eb0ce58d84

Like most people i’ve been stuffing my tshirts in drawers or just threw them on a pile in a shelve. But just recently i discovered this site where they introduced an amazing flip fold technique to fold shirts in a rapid stress free way!


This tshirt flip fold system consists of 9 simple steps:


      1. Start by laying out the t-shirt flat. Spread the t-shirt out on a table or any clean and smooth surface. With the neck to your right and the bottom to your left one side of the t-shirt should be facing you.
      2. Now imagine a drawn line across the middle of your tshirt. Envision the line running from the side of the t-shirt opposite you to the side closest to you.
      3. Pinch the cloth at a point on the imaginary line a few inches inside from the edge. Follow the line to a point a few inches in from the edge which is closest to you. Pinch the tshirt with your thumb and fore finger/index finger. Make sure that you are pinching both the front and the back of the tshirt.
      4. Draw a new imaginary line from the pinch point to the seam of the shoulder. It should go parallel with the sides of the shirt.
      5. Use your free hand to pinch the tshirt at the point on the shoulder seam. Fully pinch the tshirt to get the front and the back of your shirt. Continue to pinch the first points.
      6. Bring the pinched shoulder seam to the bottom of the t-shirt. Keep your first pinch in place, and pull the other hand (the one pinching the shoulder seam) behind it so that the pinched point of the shoulder seam is lined up with the bottom of the tshirt, directly below the first pinch. Your arms should be crossed by now.
      7. Use the hand pinching the shoulder seam to pinch the cloth at the bottom of the tshirt so that both the shoulder seam and the point on the bottom are pinched between the thumb and your fore finger. Be careful once more to pinch both the front and the back of the shirt.
      8. Uncross your hands and lift the shirt. Keep a firm grip on both pinches and uncross your hands while simultaneously lifting the shirt off the surface. The t-shirt should be hanging down from your hands with a loose sleeve dangling at the bottom.
      9. Fold the loose sleeve underneath. Lower the tshirt back down to the table with the loose sleeve first. Fold the rest of the t-shirt back towards you and over the sleeve to create a fold which is  symmetrical to the fold on the other side.

This process takes quite a bit of training. But if you manage it your tshirt laundry is folded in no time!



To see the single steps of flip folding a tshirt more clearly please watch the following video: